Investing in Commodities..?

Thank you for visiting our website and thanks for taking the time to read through the information provided here. The aim of this site is simple: - to introduce you to the exciting world of the Commodity Futures and Commodity Futures Options trading. What are commodities? It is stuff like Gold, Crude Oil, Coffee, Soybeans, Wheat, Live Cattle, Cotton, Orange Juice, the British Pound, US Treasury Bonds, etc. We will focus on the commodities traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chigago Mercantile Exchange (CME), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), etc. in other words commodities traded on the US Markets.

Right at the outset, let's say this. This type of trading is not for everyone. Some will describe it as 'high risk'. Maybe..but everything that we do not know enough about is high risk... On these pages we will try to break down the complexity surrounding these markets. Please browse the information presented here, we will introduce you to:

Commodity Futures

What is a Commodity Futures contract? Why a 'futures'? Why a contract? How do we determine the contract size, how does a contract work? We shall provide you with a full introduction to this exciting world..

Futures Options

It is always difficult to get clear, concise information about this, probably one of the best kept secrets available to the investor. For some obscure reason people are reluctant to share, or when they do they make it so incredibly complex. Allow us to break through this clatter..


Now that you have the background, how do you trade in these markets? What do you need to open an account? How does the profit / loss for a futures contract look like? Can we mitigate the risk? How do we use options to our advantage? All will be revealed in here..